Terms & Conditions

Damaged/ Not Received Product Policy:

-Any problems with any item(s) that may qualify for reprocessing or credit must be reported within 7 days of the order being received. This includes
issues regarding the defective product(s), misspelled names, missing items, or items with rips or tears. If there is an issue, we must be notified right away to take care of it. Visual evidence of errant apparel must be provided for all issues that you may
have. Replacement items will take up to 15 business days to be received after the issue has been investigated and reprocessing is in order. To report damaged and not received product, please contact team@kombatsoccerstore.com.

-Almost all items that have been worn outside will show signs of wear and will no longer be in original condition and eligible for exchange or return.

-If a processing mistake is made on our end with your order, we are more than happy to replace the order free of charge. All items that are being
replaced due to a processing mistake must be returned to Kombat Soccer in the same conditions in which they were received. Items that have been worn CANNOT be replaced for free.

Customer Service Policy:

-Please do not call, email, or post bad reviews to attempt to bully our dedicated customer service staff to break company policy. Good business runs on streamlined systems and procedures. We prefer to save time and resources returns and logistics so we can offer the best online experience and professional service. Our terms are clear, transparent, published and developed to keep efficient and proper processing of orders.

Order Policy:

-We will process your order as quickly as possible. Since each order requires special attention, please order early and by team’s deadlines to accommodate embroidery lead time, stock availability, and processing time.

-If orders are placed post team’s deadline, your order will not be incorporated in the initial team order. Single orders will be processed in the number of business days set by the current turnaround times, to date. A shipping cost will be applied to single orders and will be shipped directly to you.

Cancelation Policy:

-Orders must be canceled within 3 calendar days of the order being placed. If an order placed is printed without knowledge of cancelation customers are held accountable for full payment of the order. No discounts will be administered. Returns of acceptable items will be accepted (Please see Return/Refund Policy for eligible return items). Please make cancelations on Ecwid site or contact team@kombatsoccerstore.com.

Return/ Refund Policy:

-We are happy to provide full refunds for non-customized, unworn garments within 7 days of receiving order (We will not take back: logo’d game jerseys with numbers, shorts with numbers, logo’d jackets embroidered with numbers/names, logo’d pants embroidered with numbers/names, logo’d backpacks embroidered with numbers/names, logo’d training jerseys with numbers). Acceptable garments returned after 7 days may be exchanged for in-store credit. Garments worn or washed will not be accepted for return, exchange, or refund.

-Please be aware that your item must arrive back at our location before processing any refunds, replacements, and or exchanges.

Kombat/Club Agreement Policy:

-We are not accountable for issues that are strictly club related. We offer service of supplying uniforms and are not directly tied to clubs; therefore, concerns with the mandated product, club policies, and pricing should be dealt with your club’s uniform coordinator or board members.

-If orders are not received once distributed to team managers, coaches, or club, Kombat is not responsible for refunds, reprocessing, or blame for lost items. Record of product distributed is kept and we are not liable for products once they leave our possession.

-Team managers are responsible for updating our systems with submitted rosters including player names and player numbers belonging to teams. Misprinted items submitted by team managers will not be compensated by Kombat. Please talk to team managers/club representatives.

-Most clubs carry samples of the uniforms in all sizes at club headquarter. We highly recommend that players try on the product before making uniform purchases. (Please see Return/Refund Policy)

Shipping Policy:

-Team orders will be shipped to one address and are the team manager’s responsibility for distribution.

-Single orders will be shipped to the shipping address submitted and shipping costs must be paid per ship.

-All shipping with UPS is one-day shipping. If packages become lost or stolen upon arrival, please make a claim with UPS as Kombat is not responsible for the product once delivered.

-For all local club members that live in the greater Sacramento area, if you receive a shipped order with product processed incorrectly and in fault of Kombat, please turn in order to one of our Kombat Soccer retail stores. After investigation, we will correct the issue for you in a timely manner and waive the shipping fee to receive the correct items. (Please see Damaged/Not Received Product Policy and Kombat/Club Agreement Policy)

-For out of town club members ONLY, if you receive a shipped order with product processed incorrectly and in fault of Kombat, after investigation, we will send a return label free of charge for the item(s) of exchange and waive the shipping fee to receive the correct items. (Please see Damaged/Not Received Product Policy & Kombat/Club Agreement Policy)

-If product ordered is not in stock (backordered) and you choose to receive ready product beforehand by via UPS shipping, Kombat will not cover the second shipping costs for your backordered item(s). In-store pick-up can be arranged but Kombat will only honor the number of ships purchased. (Please see Backorder Policy)

Expedited Order Policy:

-Expedited orders are only eligible for single orders.

-All product must be available and in stock to be eligible for an order to be rushed. A fee of $10 during November- March and $25 during April- October as there is a difference in the volume of orders placed. To expedite order please e-mail order number to team@kombatsoccerstore.com. The fee will be due before shipping/releasing for pick-up.

-Expedited orders will take 7-10 business days (April-October) and 3-5 business days (November-March) for processing once payment is received.

Backorder Policy:

-If product you have ordered is not in stock, it is considered a backordered items. Items will be distributed upon arrival of product from manufacturers (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.). If you would like to receive all available items beforehand, you are eligible for pick-up at one of our store locations, or you must pay a double shipping charge (Please see Shipping Policy).

-Items on backorder are not controlled by Kombat. If manufacturers are out of stock for a certain duration of time, we have no control over the amount of product created by these companies.

Overseas Policy:

-Sublimated custom uniforms created by Nike take an average, estimated time of 90-120 business days by the manufacturer. Kombat has no control over overseas processing and is not liable for any reasons causing late arrival (i.e. poor weather conditions, processing issues, shipping issues).

-90-120 business days is estimated by Nike and not Kombat, if for any reason ETA is pushed back we please ask for your patience and will get you your order as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions. Kombat values our customer’s patronage as you are the lifeblood of our business.